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aaaaall the airplants by Canis-ferox aaaaall the airplants :iconcanis-ferox:Canis-ferox 101 3 Coraxcat by Canis-ferox Coraxcat :iconcanis-ferox:Canis-ferox 81 3 glarewolf by Canis-ferox glarewolf :iconcanis-ferox:Canis-ferox 105 8 [CLOSED] Happy woof - Wolf Adoptable by Canis-ferox [CLOSED] Happy woof - Wolf Adoptable :iconcanis-ferox:Canis-ferox 41 5 [CLOSED] gotta go fast - Wolf Adoptable by Canis-ferox [CLOSED] gotta go fast - Wolf Adoptable :iconcanis-ferox:Canis-ferox 79 5 runnin' blue v.2 by Canis-ferox runnin' blue v.2 :iconcanis-ferox:Canis-ferox 87 1 runnin' blue by Canis-ferox runnin' blue :iconcanis-ferox:Canis-ferox 88 8 Wereyote by Canis-ferox Wereyote :iconcanis-ferox:Canis-ferox 122 19 Briar by Canis-ferox Briar :iconcanis-ferox:Canis-ferox 105 16 unlikely animal friends...?? by Canis-ferox unlikely animal friends...?? :iconcanis-ferox:Canis-ferox 109 13 the heat was hot and the ground was dry by Canis-ferox the heat was hot and the ground was dry :iconcanis-ferox:Canis-ferox 68 7 Arran by Canis-ferox Arran :iconcanis-ferox:Canis-ferox 86 8 Shaidz by Canis-ferox Shaidz :iconcanis-ferox:Canis-ferox 15 2 A Leader by Canis-ferox A Leader :iconcanis-ferox:Canis-ferox 126 18 Benjiiii by Canis-ferox Benjiiii :iconcanis-ferox:Canis-ferox 63 6 Ryysyinen by Canis-ferox Ryysyinen :iconcanis-ferox:Canis-ferox 143 9
Heyyy guys! I made some woof designs today and I think I'm gonna sell them as adoptables. As much as I'm tempted to keep them I don't have a use for them at the moment, and I also want money :dummy: They're pixel-style (not tiny, I just drew them in Paint), detailed realistic designs, and have unique art for each that the buyer can use. I'm pretty happy with the quality and effort of them. I can't decide whether to sell them via auction or flatsale though?? I see designs go for such a wide range of prices around here. With that in mind I'd like to get at least $35 out of each (but of course more would be great if possible lol). I have 0 experience with auction management. But if I did that I could do it tiered possibly? Like also offer a bit of extra art of the character if it reaches a certain price. I'm kinda leaning toward that now after typing it out haha. If anyone has held art related auctions before... got any tips?? <:


whoa sorry I vanished for a bit! I didn't mean to but that's what happened. Radio silence for like 2 or 3 weeks gah. Posting some art and responding to some notes and comments now!
I've posted my first mount up on my alt account! 8D It's a huge accomplishment and something I've been wanting to do for a long time (also it's where a lot of my time has gone recently), so I wanted to share it here :> [Please disregard if you don't like taxidermy!]
Spam trades anyone???
I've been wanting to do some trades for a while! How elaborate it gets is up to you--I'm thinking anything from uncolored sketches to colored and shaded pic (no backgrounds though). I don't know how many I'll take or how much interest this will get. Won't necessarily be first come first served, and if I don't pick you it definitely doesn't mean anything bad about you or your art! I'm going to pick by art styles I'd like to see at the moment, characters I feel like drawing right now, etc. Though mutual watchers probably have a higher chance? If you get a reply, you have been chosen : D

If you're interested comment with your character ref and what type of image you'd like to do (examples: colored full body with no shading, uncolored headshot with shading, just whatever!)
Here are the characters I'd like to have drawn:
Rook: Rook - Reference of Clothing and Etc. by Canis-ferox Rook Reference 2015 by Canis-ferox
Ferox: Ferox Reference by Canis-ferox (also an option is this slight simplification of her design I've been test-driving: Ferox Design Edit by Canis-ferox )
I am going to ask that you post your half first, I've been burned a few too many times with not receiving the other person's half :< I will be working on mine however! I'll just wait to post till I see yours.

I don't remember the last time I did open trades :U Hopefully this goes well! If interested, comment below! c:
Roughly 60% of the time when I type "Thank" it comes out "THnak"
That's it, I don't have anything else important to share with this status update, but now you know that.
Sorry I've been pretty much absent for a long while, anxiety has been kind of hitting me hard lately :S It's intermittent but frustrating when it occurs. I think sometimes when it happens a lot I tend to withdraw. I think I'm going to try writing about it a bit under a vent art I'm going to post and see if that helps.


your face
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My 3D printed sculptures:…

Taxidermy & etc. account: :iconnature-collection:

Hello : D I draw things and write stuff and I also do photography and sometimes photomanipulation and sculpture. If you like any of those things (as well as canids, there are a lot of canids here) please do have a look around =] I love comments and make it my goal to answer all of them! :D (though things can and often do get lost in my reply stack oops D: )

Do not use my art and/or my characters or their designs on Furcadia, Wolfhome, your Facebook roleplaying group, or any other such thing anywhere else.

If you see my art posted somewhere other than my gallery, please let me know about it. The poster most likely stole it. I don't really allow people to use my art (unless it was specifically made for them). I mostly do art for personal reasons, and that which is not personal was probably done for someone else who wouldn't appreciate depictions of their characters being used either.

tl;dr, do not use my work without my express permission.

adorable Storm by DoctorCritical ~

No Requests by Enjoumou Yellow Art Trades Maybe Stamp by Galadnilien DA Stamp - Commissions 010 by tppgraphics


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