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My trig class is over! I took the final today. It was awful. But I didn't die, and I got the credit! Yay! 8D I don't remember what else I meant to put in this journal update because I don't have any more brain left today, so I'm going to post this 10 questions thing I'm pretty sure I got tagged to do, even though I can't find the original tag journal right now. xD

Tagged by :iconfoxbat-sullavin:
10 facts about me:

1. Meyers-Briggs type INTJ

2. Enneagram type 5w6

3. unreasonably cold-natured

4. Android user (I do have one apple device, an iPod, but it's a relic of high school times and I'm not putting itunes on my computer to use it)

5. I think lightning is one of the most fun things to photograph.

6. One of my favorite pastimes is Netflix. I have a lot of shows I'm into. Favorites include but are not limited to Arrested Development, Battlestar Galactica, 30 Rock, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, The IT Crowd, Black Books (think it's been removed from Netflix but can still be found on YouTube), Community (also maybe no longer on netflix? but it got renewed for a sixth season recently so yay!), Parks and Rec, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I'm still planning to watch House of Cards and eventually Mad Men (as well as several others; I usually go through a more serious series and a comedy series at the same time so I can alternate between them).

7. I like to do a lot of my writing on my phone. Most of LaF past R1, and most anything I've done since then, was initially written on a phone. Also I can't seem to write in public/crowded places with a lot of people close by, how do people do that? :u

8. Though I love writing and art, I came to the realization a while ago that I don't want a career in them. At all. They become less fun when they're work. In the same vein I've been trying to take it all less seriously and just have more fun with it, which I'd say has been leading good places. I'm finally happy with the directions my art seems to be going in, whatever those directions are. (but that does explain all the looser/sketchy stuff and personal work in my gallery lately)

9. I don't post nearly as much stuff as I draw or make. I remember I used to post a lot more uncolored sketches and small things than I do now. Someday I might get back in the habit of that, I don't know. I just question stuff a ton before I post it, haha. Probably too much. But I have a pretty good WIP pile going at the moment, and hopefully I'll be getting some ideas from there into finished pieces that I'll be happy to show off~

10. I make numerous planning and idea-spew documents when writing or thinking about writing, some of which read like Andy Dwyer of Parks and Rec describing the plot of Roadhouse (and other films). It seems to be... actually effective?
(link to the scene for the curious, because I couldn't get it to format into the text for anything:  )

10 questions by Foxbat-Sullavin

1. what style do you find interesting? (as in fashion, not possably what you dress like)
I don't know, there's a lot of things that interest me, but I'm not sure what category to file them under. I guess I just know something I like when I see it? I do know I'm interested in 70s stuff so there's a thing.

2. what are you wearing under your face?
A spooky skeleton face

3. do you like spicy, sour, or sweet?
all of the above

4. have you noticed me watching you sleep? (haha, thats not a question, of course you havent. >_>)
There is no sleep 8)

5. what are you afraid of?
Hm, getting blood drawn is the most definite thing I can think of. I'm not scared of needles and I don't mind blood at all, but something about veins being damaged or messed with is just... nope |:C

6. what was your worst fear (even if its silly) as a child?
I... don't remember

7. what are you afraid of still that you where afraid of as a child?
Probably some dumb social situation thing, because that's what a lot of my fears seem to relate to anyway. Or of being told my work/interests are stupid or invalid or otherwise not good or worthwhile (or any variation like that-- yeah I know it probably shouldn't be a 'fear' and it shouldn't bother me, but let's be real, that's never a happy thing to hear about anything that means a lot to you, no matter who says it. I remember being really bothered by that sort of thing even as a kid, but of course then I wouldn't have really been able to articulate it like that).

8. what makes you happy?
Lots of stuff? Feeling like I succeeded at something is a good one, or otherwise feeling satisfied with how something turned out. Adventures with friends, too, or working out a new thing about a character and/or story (i.e. any sort of progress or development).
Also, seeing meteors or coming across a snake or some other interesting unexpected event.
Also dogs. No explanation needed, just dogs. Dogs are happiness.

9. what do you see yourself doing in a weak from now?
Hopefully, camping.

10. are my nipples pink?
That's something you'll have to find out on your own, I'm afraid.

And I'm not going to tag anyone or make me own questions... because 8D
Soon I'll answer comments and things. I think I'm going to go do something mindless for a bit right now though.
  • Mood: Relief


your face
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello = D
I draw things and write stuff and I also do photography and sometimes photomanipulation and sculpture. If you like any of those things (as well as canids, there are a lot of canids here) please do have a look around =]

If you see my art posted somewhere other than this gallery, please let me know about it. Odds are, the poster stole it. I don't really allow people to use my art. I mostly do art for personal reasons, and that which is not personal was probably done for someone else who wouldn't appreciate depictions of their characters being used either.

tl;dr, please do not use my work without my express permission.

Also, please note that I do not take requests.

... and please stop thanking me for the fave. :iconrookstaresplz:
You are however permitted to thank me in poetic form.

ID picture drawn by the awesome :iconkerrzai:
Original deviation:

Also if I give you a llama badge that wasn't in exchange for a point (I shamelessly frequent the llama trade for the free points) consider it a highly inarticulate compliment. I find it hard to keep track of llamas in general, but I do find them nice for that purpose. :)

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