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Amigurumi Rook again! by Canis-ferox
Amigurumi Rook again!
I liked this one enough to upload it separately : D Also I dusted my desk for this shot. Be impressed.

Made by   meatball-the-cat

Other views:
Amigurumi Rook……

For the curious the things around him are (roughly counterclockwise) calcite geode, labradorite, green fluorite, hydrocarbons(?) something with calcite in the middle like an inedible ice cream sandwich, tiny piece of blue slag (a leftover from long-ago iron production), calcite (big yellow crystal this time because calcite does whatever it wants), and another fluorite piece (also yellow).
Amigurumi Rook! by Canis-ferox
Amigurumi Rook!
Look what came in the mail today! 8D I had to show it off. Made my the amazing   meatball-the-cat of FA, who I recommend to anyone looking to commission something awesome and unique! She did such an amazing job with this, look at the face and all the colors :> The fluff on the sides of the face is super soft. And look at the eyebrows and facial markings. This is just fantastic and I love it so much.

Other views:
Amigurumi Rook again……
Verick Stross by Canis-ferox
Verick Stross
Flat color sketch trade with :iconnanarc: :D The lines are a little cleaner in most places for what I would call a sketch but apparently right now I don't know what my lines are going to be until they happen. xD Especially if it's digital. This guy's design was fun, the black on orange-ish reminds me of an oriole, which is one of my favorite non-raptor birds :> (left shoulder is possibly a little too long though, oops)
Hope you like it! ^^
scribbles by Canis-ferox
And then I subjected other people's characters to the scribble style. I hope they amuse you guys at least : D

 Roy (C) :iconpagerda: I don't know whether he and Rook are arguing or plotting or making fun of something together or what, haha.
Smiles and Snotty (C) :iconsongdog-strayfang: I just love these guys~
Cpl. Laza (C) :iconfalcolf: He's so elegant-looking c: and I accidentally kind of made it look like he's chasing Filly; that was unintentional. xD
Filly (C) :iconalfafilly: I researched 0% of hare anatomy before drawing this 8D
Evan (C) :iconirianwhitefox: Wow his design is so neat :>
Yeah just a general purpose journal update that will contain all those things, not necessarily in that order :> I'm gonna go ahead and apologize; I have one more trade coming as I said, but it may be a little more of a wait than I anticipated. I've been sick for about a month, and it turns out what I thought was a particularly persistent cold miiight possibly be pneumonia. I won't be back at college (and my art computer) till tuesday since I'm skipping monday (not having tuesday classes at all is amazing). This does mean missing a midterm and I don't look forward to that, but hey maybe I can get it at some time /other/ than 8AM now :U 8AM isn't the best time for a midterm. I'm not a person before at least 9AM. Some of the medicines I'm using right now (the breathing treatment, ugh) make my hands really jittery too so that'll be something to work around. I'll do my best though! ^^ I have made so many typos today asdfg I love spellcheck.
(Edit: Two trades! Oh my gosh I can't believe I drew a sketch to one and forgot. But that will get done. xD  Also, not pneumonia! Yay! :D)

Yesterday though my brother gave me a skull he found in the woods and it's a coyote : D It's just so beautiful and unexpected. I've never given any of my skulls names before but this one almost makes me want to start. I just wanna show it off to you guys. So I got them all together for a picture since I've never actually done that before.
20141012 143214 by Canis-ferox 20141012 143316 by Canis-ferox
The left coyote skull is the one from the woods; it's weathered to a sort of gray color which is really interesting and reminds me of that clay that's supposed to imitate stone. It's missing all its teeth except for the carnassials and molars, and also doesn't have a lower jaw. But I mean it's an incredibly lucky find as it is. The one to the right of it is from northern Indiana, I got it at some small town street fair thing we happened upon. It has all its teeth, the jaws are hinged together with some kind of flexible bone glue, and has made for fantastic drawing reference. Judging by the wear on the teeth (or lack of) both seem to have come from fairly young animals. Then there's a turtle skull that I found at a large lake, and I'm still surprised we managed to find the lower jaw too. It was in the sand a good distance away. The rabbit I found in a field one day I think. It has all its teeth they just fell out, and I don't trust myself to slip them all back in for the picture at the moment. The mouse was on a shelf in a machine shop (there's a skeleton that goes with it but I'm not about to try to position all those tiny fragile bones right now), and the white-tailed deer was a gift from my papaw. He just hung the head in a tree for years until it was clean haha. Like I'm pretty sure I remember it being there all throughout my childhood, just casually in a tree at the edge of the property. Then he eventually decided it was clean enough and gave it to me. xD Behind all the skulls is a shed antler that I think one of the dogs might have found and then got tired of. It makes a fantastic back scratcher.
You know, in case you just wanted to know the stories behind all the animal skulls I own. I don't know. I'm kind of waiting for my hands to be steady enough so I can try to paint. Which I don't think is actually going to happen at all today. I'm just killing time at this point.

And now a feature! Pretty simple, the standard setup: if I feature you I'd like you to do a feature as well putting me in one of the slots (you don't really have to though, haha). For the first ten people to comment I'm going to feature your icon and three pieces I like from your gallery.

1. :icontoothlessego:  Corvid Design Auction (Closed) by ToothlessEgoAnd againn by ToothlessEgoHey there... by ToothlessEgo
2. :iconduskripper: Never Touch My Trainer Again! by DuskRipperGift: To the bitter end. by DuskRipperGift for Kai by DuskRipper
3. :iconpagerda: SaDS: Peryton by PagerdaSaDS: Accord by PagerdaRook by Pagerda
4. :iconc-barkyn:  Slaughter by Barkyndat jump by Barkyn Bye Captain by Barkyn (I hope you don't mind I pulled some stuff from your other gallery)
5. :iconkindcritc:  Fall by KindCritcThey See Me Shipping by KindCritcThe Composer by KindCritc
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your face
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Hello = D
I draw things and write stuff and I also do photography and sometimes photomanipulation and sculpture. If you like any of those things (as well as canids, there are a lot of canids here) please do have a look around =]

If you see my art posted somewhere other than this gallery, please let me know about it. Odds are, the poster stole it. I don't really allow people to use my art. I mostly do art for personal reasons, and that which is not personal was probably done for someone else who wouldn't appreciate depictions of their characters being used either.

tl;dr, please do not use my work without my express permission.

Also, please note that I do not take requests.

... and please stop thanking me for the fave. :iconrookstaresplz:
You are however permitted to thank me in poetic form.

ID picture drawn by the awesome :iconkerrzai:
Original deviation:

Also if I give you a llama badge that wasn't in exchange for a point (I shamelessly frequent the llama trade for the free points) consider it a highly inarticulate compliment. I find it hard to keep track of llamas in general, but I do find them nice for that purpose. :)

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